About The Site

MarkSthFun(marksth.fun), pronouncing as "Mark Something Fun", is a website for marking fun thingies for fun people.

In 2019, Ju Lin began work on MarkSthFun as a personal project. He was not able to continuously use Douban, the last free land of Chinese sns websites, so he decided to redesign a new one, mainly just removing tons of features he didn't need. Gradually, he improved the site and invited some of his friends to have fun in this site.

Below are the main principles of this site.

MarkSthFun is written in Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy. The site uses PostgreSQL as database. Redis is used as cache and message queue. It uses prometheus and grafana for monitoring. The site runs on some digitalocean servers. You'll be bored for the most part of the implementation.