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It's a very good season to check-in birds nesting on the cliffs of Muriwai Beach.
A lot of gannets have already hatched chicks.
We're lucky enough to see the whole scene of two gannets mating.
BTW, at the ledge of the cliffs below, there are around 20+ white-fronted terns inhabited, a few chicks included. I never found them before. It's probably because they only present in a short period of time here.

A **telescope** is highly recommended.
Never win the Mario Kart over my wife. Sigh.
There are two birds watching sheds in the park. We observed pukekos and oystercatchers mating, both having males riding on females.
You'll have a high chance to see birds from South Island in spring/summer, such as oystercatchers, wrybills.