@soasme (software)

Similar to HCL but with more programming semantic elements.
The code looks pretty ugly, but better than Jinja+yaml.
MarkSthFun manages recurring payments via Stripe.
This tool can decompile py source code from pyc files across all Python versions. Very interesting.
dep ensure
dep status
MarkSthFun is running on PostgreSQL 12 as of 2019.
Equivalent to chef kitchen, but for ansible.
Both share the same life cycles, such as create, converge, check, cleanup.
If there is anything wrong, don’t cleanup, just ssh into the environment(login)
Read the Mattermost administration docs today (https://docs.mattermost.com/). Installing Mattermost seems pretty easy. It's a promising open-source chat platform as a Slack replacement.
MarkSthFun runs everything in docker-compose locally, using poetry as the dep manager and honcho as the process starter.
Ansistrano comes from Ansible + Capistrano. I made similar stuff, fapistrano, a Fabric-based Capistrano Python-clone two years ago, but ansistrano is much better by leveraging Ansible, which has larger community and ecosystem.
MarkSthFun manages hosts by Ansible.

* It gets a list of hosts by a dynamic inventory python script, an unmodified version of contrib/inventory/digital_ocean.py.
* Host groups are defined as DigitalOcean tags.
* Ansible-galaxy and ansible-console are heavily used on a daily basis.
Provision cloud services in minutes without clicking this and that. Type `terraform apply`, you get all cloud resources. Type `terraform destroy`, boom, all are gone. Very handy tool in modern days.